The Spirit of Thanksgiving

My co-worker and I decided to roam around the office with Maddie the therapy dog today. She really enjoys butt scratches.

My Crossfitter friend and fellow blogger Claire sent me this photo:

As you can see, I have a lot to be grateful for. Therapy dogs and vegan zombie dolls.

My friends are the coolest.

Do you work out on Thanksgiving day? It feels like such a waste. But I get caught up in the cycle of thought that’s all, “Well, if I run longer/workout harder I can eat more”. This is what I refer to as slippery slope thinking. What’s that one saying….’don’t charge what you can’t pay for’? Does that mean eat first then be willing to work it off later? Or work out really hard and then pack on the vegan apple pie?

Can I just have some wine already? I’m so confused.

Anyway. I do plan on attending a yoga class Thanksgiving morning. It’s free! And I might as well sweat my butt off and stretch a little bit because A) my sleep doctor told me to and I haven’t been listening and B) maybe it will stretch out my stomach muscles so I can eat more. That’s a silly thought. And C) I really enjoy wearing yoga shorts + leg warmers. Nothing feels more indulgently girly than this combo!!!!!!!!

Then it’s a sleigh ride in to the Christmas season. Yikes!! Do you send holiday cards? I have so many questions today! Might I suggest one of my favorite apps, Postagram to send photos. It’s not exactly a holiday card but it’s the thought that counts. And that’s usually how I roll: make no sense, ever, but mean well.

Speaking of….

Two articles I stumbled upon today. Perhaps they will be of interest:

1. Detox Made Safe and Simple because it’s that time of year.
2. 56 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money because let’s face it, those new wunder unders are not going to buy themselves!

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