If you have siblings I hope you’re close. Because life is too short to miss out on conversations like this:

Being a twin is pretty much the coolest thing one can experience. So, if you’ve drawn the twin card how awesome is life?? Ever since I was born people treated Jay and I like we were a spectacle. No wonder I feel the constant need for attention. We’ve been getting it since day one. My twin nieces are in so.much.trouble. Thank God they have Aunt Joy to introduce them to glitter and leg warmers and wrist bands. Always steal the spotlight, ladies.

Jay and I turn 35 in a few weeks and I’m going to Maryland to see him and the family this weekend. Because I’m the overly sensitive twin it is a HUGE effing deal to be spending our almost-birthday together. It’s very rare that we get to spend birthdays together anymore. I’ll probably spend the majority of the trip choking back tears because I can’t stand how much I love my family. Our spouses will pretend not to be annoyed by the twin bond as Jay and I constantly throw private jokes back-and-forth. But our spouses are awesomely amazing for the simple fact that they accept this is who we are and it will never change. Just don’t let us start quoting lines from Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure. Or Romancing the Stone. Or Airplane. Or…..yeah, this could go on all night.

Jay and I at my wedding rehearsal dinner 2008 (Photo credit: Katy Tartakoff)

How cute are we? My dad always put hats on our heads because he secretly wanted old western babies? Notice the size of my shoulders even at a young age. There was no escaping my fate.

I’ll be slacking on posts this week because of being busy with travel and hugging my nephew and nieces to pieces! But I promise to at least post a cute baby photo or two. Or twelve.

And you guys my birthday is September 10th. I heard this song today and it is seriously going to be a tough decision to pick which song will be my birthday car dance song. I mean, holy shit. Tough competition there, my One Direction boys. How can they possibly compete with Nicki Minaj’s boobs?

I’m going to record another WOD this week so look forward to yet another installment of CBE!! Dear Lord. Shouldn’t I be focused on driving traffic to my site rather than away? Pretty sure I lost that battle a long time ago. Leg warmers and glitter and One Direction forever! Seriously, somebody pry this keyboard away from my fingers…

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6 Responses to Twins

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Safe travels! Look forward to reading all about it :)

  2. You are amazing. Did you know that I have a twin brother as well? We aren’t super close but even still you can’t escape the twin bond. Yay twins!

  3. The word of the day is…….BIRTHDAY! Now you know what to do when anyone says the word of the day……SCREAM REAL LOUD!!
    (Sorry, I could’t resist! Safe travels!)

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