And I Ran

So, this happened.

OMGosh you guys I just had the best weekend ever.

My best friend and I ran the first annual Denver Retro Run today. I effing got to run in leg warmers, ok? This fact alone would have made my weekend. But I got to see Book of Mormon the Musical not once but twice. I laughed so hard I had to take a nap after Saturday’s matinée show. I’m getting ahead of myself….

Best costumes according to Joy. They seriously ran the entire race with cigs. Who does that? THESE GUYS! I have no idea who they are but I stopped them for a picture.

Because this was the inaugural Retro Run I did not expect it to be that big of a deal. I didn’t put much thought in to my outfit. We arrived somewhat late. I know. I left my competitive girl at home. This was a date with my best friend, so, we were more interested in catching up than actually running the race. But holy cow it was amazing! I saw outfits that made me miss the 80′s so much I almost cried. They reminded me of the days when I would watch Sixteen Candles and wish I was old enough to date boys like Jake Ryan (I was like 8 when it came out). I swore on my pink stereo cassette player that someday a boy would bring me a birthday cake like Jake does for Samantha at the end of the movie and they sit on top of the dining room table and kiss!!!!! I. can’t. even talk about this anymore….

Scott and I boozing before the show. My Mormon friends hate me right now. All sorts of wrong in their book. Of Mormon.

I love getting dressed up and going to Broadway shows. But Friday night I was all hurried and rushed and that never turns out well in Joyworld. Then my husband gave me a hug right after fixing the lawn mower so I was covered in grease. In any event I pulled an outfit together. Picking out an outfit can go very, very wrong or very, very well. Sometimes it comes together really fast and sometimes I’m throwing things all around the room talking about how fat I am (stop, I know), how I hate my shoulders, and why can’t I effing wear spaghetti straps!? Luckily my husband is a hipster-cool-kid and knows more about fashion than I do so I often rely on him to pick my outfits. Except sometimes I like to break fashion rules and he’ll be all, “You can’t wear two shades of brown”, and I like to say, “Watch me”, as he shakes his head in frustration. Eff the fashion rules! Eff all the rules! I have big shoulders. The rules don’t apply to me! Although I should probably start taking his advice because I’m the one still wearing glitter on my eyelids. And leg warmers when it’s not Retro Run day.

I hope your weekend was amazingly funny, too!

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14 Responses to And I Ran

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    As always thank you for the bedtime laughs. Even better was as I read this I was doing a breathing treatment and icing my hip. So I’m coughing with my breathing mask on while trying to keep my ice pack from falling off my hip. You are awesome in your leg warmers, boozing before the play about Mormons! :)

    • joyintheday says:

      awwww thank you so much!! although I’m a little worried about you…..breathing mask? ice pack?? :) are you oK?? :)

      • tiffanybluegirl23 says:

        I have asthma (yet I run). We just came off a 20 day triple digit weather stretch where the air quality was unhealthy for weak breathers like me. Plus I have allergies. Ahhh living in Central CA gotta love it! As for the hip *sigh* not good. I’ll be blogging about it tonight (you’ll prolly see it in the morning).

  2. Sophie33 says:

    Congrats! :) These guys with their cigarettes haning in their mouth look kind of cool! :)

  3. Super cute outfit!! Love your posts; always put a smile on my face! :)

  4. So fun! Can’t wait to do a race where I get to dress up :P

  5. What an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME weekend! I would KILL to see the Book of Mormon – I heard it was so so so good! You just confirmed it! Also, what a fun run!

  6. Melannie says:

    We totally PLOWED through this run :) heart you and rugs. to many more retro runs in our LPeezey love.

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