Summer Dedication

Our fruit trees are out.of.control. Please come over and help me eat all of this goodness.

Yesterday I saw a Hummer driving on the freeway with a sticker on the back that said, “I Support Global Warming”. That was the day I really wished I would have bought a pair of truck nuts to hang off the back of my Prius. It would have made my angry drive-by-stare much more effective.

The leaves are changing. Every year when I see the first leaves start to change I get a little tug in my heart. Growing up in Arizona I never got to experience the changing of seasons. We would have a party if the temps dropped below 75 degrees. So when I moved to Colorado I fell madly in love with fall. Then winter. Then spring. Then summer. I’d marry all of them. Season sister-wives. The end of summer feels like a loss, a chapter closing. I find myself reflecting on the year and thinking about what I want to accomplish in the remainder of 2012. Even though I haven’t been in school for ages, the closing of summer and approach of fall still feel dramatic and new. Slightly exciting and a little bit dreary. It’s the most perfect intangible feeling in the entire world. For no reason at all my heart feels heavy this time of year. Like summer is giving me a long hug goodbye. I love you, summer. See you again soon, summer. Don’t forget me.

I dedicate a goodbye cheesy-pop car-dance song for summer. It’s so bad it’s good. Sing it loud and be totally stupid. Roll the windows down. Go all-out crazy because summer you.are.awesome with your windows rolled down.

I dedicate Target jean shorts to summer 2012. We had a good run. I’ll totally bring you back in 2013 unless my Crossfit legs keep growing. The probability of this is very high. I’d also like to dedicate a few WODs to you, summer. I absolutely loved having the sun rise at 5:00am when I’d be going to Crossfit Jai. The days are getting shorter and I’m realizing I took this for granted. I dedicate all of my plants and flowers to you, too. You took really good care of them except for the 2 succulents I managed to kill. It’s OK, I blame myself. I dedicate tube tops, nail polish, my huge sunglasses, and a pint of Sweet Action vegan ice cream to you, summer. Oh, and 6 miles of running. God I love running outside! My tan is already starting to cry.

Dancing under the summer stars in a short dress never hurt a girl, either.

I know summer isn’t officially over. I know. But I hate goodbyes so this is my way of preparing for the fall. Literally and figuratively.

This one’s for you.

Love, J

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3 Responses to Summer Dedication

  1. toricatjr says:

    As a Floridian suffering in 100+ degree heat with a 99% humidity index, I do not share your love of the summer. I do, however, share the same emotions you express above for the Fall – a Floridian autumn sounds awfully like what you’ve describes as a Colorado summer. Jean shorts, green leaves [they all turn brown and fall off spontaneously at the end of November, like clockwork in Florida], and lots of outdoor running.

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