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I blame it all on that damn Free Willy movie. I saw it when I was in 8th grade and got all fired up about saving the whales and dolphins. I plastered my bedroom with posters of happy animals and the earth and Madonna (there was always room for Madge). I’d cry after watching these movies and then yell at my parents, ‘How can this happen in our world?? What can we do about it?? That’s it. I’m moving to San Diego and becoming a marine biologist’. Then I would see another movie that fired up my inner revolutionary and it was on to the next problem I’d have to solve for the world. You should have seen me after taking a few women’s studies courses in college. Yikes.

I haven’t changed one bit.

I cannot effing believe I let this movie sit in my Netflix queue for so long.

I watched it this weekend while my husband was out running errands and the moment he walked through the door I was yelling, “Can you believe this!? Everybody needs to see this movie! It’s pure science! You can’t argue with this movie! I can’t stop yelling!”, and he was all, “Wow, OK I’ll watch it with you”. Because God bless this man if he isn’t the most patient person on the face of God’s green earth that I plan to save. So I started the movie from the beginning and watched it twice in a row. And then I started Googling where to study plant-based nutrition in Colorado.

One of my greatest mentors once said, “There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.” I get it. There are two sides to every story and documentary film. But I choose to live in plantland where kale rules and animals roam around with bows tied around their necks.

Why did I become vegan? I ask this question because somebody Googled “vegans are annoying” and landed on my site. Some vegans are totally annoying dude, I agree. But I chose this lifestyle because six years ago I was getting sick all the time, my digestion sucked, I had no energy despite working out and eating ‘healthy’, and was having constant panic attacks. One afternoon home sick from work I was watching Oprah and the topic was ‘living with a terminal illness’. A woman by the name of Kris Carr was a guest on the show, I fell in love with her, and the rest is history. I watched her documentary. I read her blog religiously and watched her career skyrocket. I even have a picture of Kris and I hanging in my office (except I covered up my face because I look like shit. Bad hair day. So it’s really just a picture of Kris) from when I went to see her at a book signing. Let me tell you how tough it was to not look like a Kris Carr stalker at that book signing! This woman is the reason I kick so much ass (or at least try to). After years of trying a million different foods and diets this is what works and makes me feel A-freaking-MAZING. I haven’t been sick in years.

Step up to my soapbox! I invite you to find what makes your inner-revolutionary shine. And yell. Yelling is totally cool.

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8 Responses to Stuck Atop my Soapbox

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    I admit I’ve kicked around the thought of going vegetarian recently. I know I can probably pull it off with my lil man as he is not much of a meat eater. He will eat chicken, turkey and some fish in small amounts and limited veggies so far. Unfortunately we live with my mother who will not go meatless and fights me on the grocery shopping. I’m hopping that once my son and i in the coming months get on our feet, get back into our own place we can try broadening our horizons. I found a book about running marathons (and halfs) as veg which was an awesome read. With him swimming, me running and us both having allergies (courtesy of living where we do) I am really looking to do what I can to find things to help us both. Be prepared for me to pick your brain.

    Btw did you get the email about the crochet succulent hanger?

  2. I have this documentary on the computer waiting for me to watch it.. I’m trying to follow a paleo-ish diet, which is highly meat based, but have heard more than one person talk about it and I just want to see what it’s all about.. I also have one that is pro-Paleo in the queue, so I’ll be able to share some insight after I watch both ;)

  3. Dee says:

    It must be a powerful movie – you texted me a novel – xo Mom

  4. Kia says:

    I had been thinking about watching this movie on Netflix for awhile. That is what I will be doing tonight.

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