It takes a certain type of woman to pull off this look. She probably swears a lot. But she has one helluva handshake.

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12 Responses to Pullups.

  1. did you get callouses?

  2. you are my hero! miss ya tons! says:

    You are my hero. You have taught so many lives by just living and being compassionate. So with this people are able get glimpses to see what be better if they so choose. Also you can tell a lot from a persons hand shake. I think it would be read “she means business ;-)

  3. TJ says:

    The only kind of woman I like to deal with ;)

  4. 40isthenew13 says:

    I have total respect for that. That’s toughness… it’s gonna help me gut through my morning run with sore glutes.

  5. sarahjunebug says:

    I suck at pull-ups, at last check, but am getting much better at pushups! I feel the need to try again…
    I take pride in the ugliness of my calloused, veiny runner feet. Awesome!

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