Skin Your Shins and Cry About It

I woke up feeling like waterproof mascara would be necessary today. Some days you just feel that build-up of needing to cry your eyes out and then I’ll realize,”Hey. I haven’t cried in a while. I’m due”. Then you find yourself driving along on the freeway and you see a dead dog on the side of the road, and you start crying your eyes out because you think, “poor puppy”, and wonder what his family is feeling right now. Then you think about the time you were 8-years-old and you lost your first pet. Then you think life is so weird and holy shit I’m so glad I wore waterproof mascara today. I’m definitely going to regret this decision tonight when I’m washing my face. Waterproof mascara is awesome when you really need it but who the eff can ever get the stuff off?? It stays on for a week but not in the cute I-don’t-have-to-apply-mascara-for-a-week way. It starts to look borderline prostitute.

It all started with a dark and clumsy 5:30am workout at Jai. I was bumping in to everything; hitting my head against things on accident, running in to the pull-up rack, and skinning my shins. We were doing high-pull drills to improve our cleans and, turns out I’m way too nice to that damn bar. I try to avoid throwing it to the ground for fear of looking like a She-Ra wannabe. I let it down gently even when it’s loaded with weight. So as I was gently lowering the bar it fell and used my shins as a slide to make its way to the floor. My buddy Andrew saw it go down and he’s all, “you ok”, and as I’m wincing and limping and laughing I say, “yeah”, playing it off like it was only mildly painful. But inside I was yelling bloody murder. So much for wearing skirts or shorts this week. This is what I get for refusing to jump on the knee-high-sock trend train!!

Well isn’t this cute. All of you knee-high-lovin’ chicks are gloating. I can feel it.

So aside from that beautiful picture, another awesome moment occurred today!! It might be bigger than seeing my fellow car dancer yesterday. Joy the Baker sent me a tweet. I almost fainted. She’s only like the main reason why I started a blog in the first place.

My blogging BFF Anne the Adventurer aka Anne Taylor started this whole ‘tweeting Joy-the-Baker-love-fest’. I wanted to be like I find YOU amazing Joy the Baker! Except I sat there for about 10 minutes trying to craft the perfect twitter response. Which made me extremely anxious because who can say anything cool in 140 characters or less? But you can read my twitter feed and see how I did. Hashtag nerd.

Goodnight/Good Morning/Good Afternoon. Whenever you’re reading this I’m sure I am still trying to take off this damn mascara.

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6 Responses to Skin Your Shins and Cry About It

  1. anne says:

    you. are. totes. maj.

  2. trikatykid says:

    Oh my gosh I loved this post. I cried today for the first time in a long, long time. My triathlon coach was questioning whether he wanted to work with me or not. I felt like I was getting dumped. I have been uncharacteristically exhausted and maybe I am the one who should be doing the dumping here? The cry was a good indication that I had been bottling things up. Hope your shins are better and your eyelashes are naked by now. Great post!

  3. Sophie33 says:

    I loved reading this post & laughed all the way! :)

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