There’s a Vegan on the Loose

A vegan came along and puked all over this post, so, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for 4 years and have never been to my public library…until last Saturday. It was extremely nerdy just as I had hoped it would be. I was on a mission to find books on gardening, duh. Then I found the diet and cookbook aisle and came home with 10 vegan books in addition to the 15 gardening books. The basket on my beach cruiser was overflowing with nerdiness! Have you been to your local library lately? Because I’m pretty sure it’s the happiest place on earth. Minus the creepy man in the corner reading old hot rod magazines. Who is that guy?

See this aisle? I sat on the floor for about an hour flipping through every single book. I made the librarians nervous putting the books back on the shelves all by myself. Don’t worry ladies. I’m hip to the Dewey Decimal System.

I’m in love with Kathy Freston’s book ‘Veganist’. Bono wrote a recommendation for crying out loud; “Kathy Freston writes so beautifully and convincingly that even this most carnivorous of rock stars finds himself staring at his bleeding protein with new eyes”. Um, Bono I sure hope you’re wearing the amazing signature sunglasses on those eyes. That’s just how I pictured you when I read your review, Bono. Yes I am aware that Kathy’s book is preaching to the vegan choir (me) but honestly I can’t imagine how people would still eat meat after reading this book. Like, at all. Even the organic shi*. So, do yourself a favor and get educated before you judge and throw stones. Read this book! And then, because I’m all about being fair, I want you to give me your favorite diet/lifestyle book recommendation. Unless it’s Paleo…juuust kidding I love you crazy cavemen (but seriously you.don’t.need.that.much.effing.protein.y’all!). Let’s be real talk. Everybody is going to have their opinion and preference about what works and what doesn’t work in regards to, well, everything. There is room for all of our opinions. If we all thought the same way we’d be bored to tears. Unless everybody was vegan because it’s the only way to go. Stop yelling at the screen, I’m kidding! What works best for you in regards to diet/lifestyle? What have you tried?

I also stumbled upon a new amazing podcast called Big Fat Vegan Radio. Um, I’m in love with Honey LaBronx. S/he’s a vegan drag queen. Would I lie to you about something like that? I already sent them a tweet professing my love for the show. I want to go to the vegan prom with Honey LaBronx so bad it’s not even funny.

Time to clean up the vegan puke since I know some of you are dry-heaving…I KNOW. I know. I’ll leave you with something geeky and not at all vegan: the Breaking Bad Insider Podcast!! It’s the only reason I haven’t driven myself in to a ditch during horrible traffic. I love the show. I love the podcast. I love Vince Gilligan. He’s king nerd and I am his wannabe queen.

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10 Responses to There’s a Vegan on the Loose

  1. haha, oh I LOVE my library but I’ve been too scared to go back since my Librarian told me off for laughing (snorting) too loudly whilst sitting on an aisle floor reading ‘Living With An Emo Kid’. I don’t know how or why I found that book but it was pure gold! I wanted to check it out so I could keep reading it but I felt bad that maybe someone somewhere really WAS living with an Emo kid and needed it more than me.

  2. Matt Crowley says:

    The Dewey Decimal system is dead. It all about Library of Congress. My wife, the librarian, would love to explain the difference, pros and cons, etc.

  3. sarahjunebug says:

    Hehe, this post is hysterical.
    I’m a flexatarian, and that’s what I find works best for me. I’m too prone to obsessive compulsive behaviors and eating disorders to set rigid vegan or vegetarianism rules… so I TEND to eat a certain way, but am able to eat other things if I really crave them. Generally, I eat fruits, veggies, nuts, dairy, whole grains, coffee (yes it’s a food group), and eggs. But I like fish and chicken. I rarely eat red meat, but once in a while I crave it. Maybe every couple of months. Being a little flexible works best for me, but that’s not to say that there haven’t been times when I’ve really WANTED to be vegan… or at least vegetarian. I’d easily be an ovo-lacto-pescatarian. ;-) But those are quite a few allowances. Anywho, what works best for me (when I can get myself to do it) is small meals with ~20g of protein each… 4-6 a day. And lots of veggies and fruit. And coffee. Don’t forget the coffee. :D Now if only I liked it black…

  4. TJ says:

    To be fair, most paleo diet books call for meat servings that are the size of your palm (in thickness too) and are of good quality (grass fed beef, wild caught fish, etc). There really isn’t any more meat called for in paleo than there is in any other diet (obvious exceptions being vegan and vegetarian). And then there’s the whole “brain development from protein consumption” thing that has been studied…

    Paleo = a dinner plate crowded with veggies and a moderately sized portion of quality meat and a small portion of good fat.

  5. Sophie33 says:

    I love my library too but they don’t have any vegan books. You can’t find any vegan books in Belgium. You can find a few older vegetarian books but I must buy them online.

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