Weekend Highlights and Crossfit Box Anxiety

I had a fantastic weekend that started with finding this sweater

…continued with handstand-envy….

…and ended with my really awesome Vitamix smoothie: carrot, cucumber, green apple, ginger, and mint! Holy health!

One of my good buddies invited me to his gym in the burbs; Back Country Crossfit. They just moved in to a bigger space so it was a celebratory weekend! Apparently now my anxiety is creeping up all over the place because I didn’t sleep for two days beforehand. Now I understand why people are scared to try Crossfit. I’ve been doing it for a long time and even I was freaking out about new turf. I’m glad I sucked it up because this gym is amazing. Minus the fact that it’s in suburbia and I start to itch when I drive to that part of town. I also get lost even though I have an insanely supurb sense of a direction. It’s a f*cking vortex. My only choice was to play One Direction on repeat, very loud, and dance out my nerves. It totally worked. UGH I’m still waiting for the day when I grow out of that song. Stop being so catchy you cute little turds. I’m almost 35!!

Do you live in Highlands Ranch, CO? Do you want to meet the coolest people in the entire world? They’re all at BCCF, where the eff are you?

If I ever had to move to suburbia I’d actually be OK knowing this gym is a beacon among the strollers and SUV’s. It was a blast seeing some of my OG Crossfit buddies together again. I’m really jealous of their chests. They are effing bigger than mine. And see those rings? Our WOD involved ring push-ups, so, those huge man-chests came in handy….for them. Then Mr. Show-off had to be all fancy when we were taking a hand-stand picture. Notice how I’m looking over at him, I was actually saying, “Hey! Not fair!”

Thanks to all of you who wished my evil kitten ‘happy birthday’! I received a tweet from Meow Mix and about died laughing. Diva is a cat food celebrity. As if she needed an ego boost.

Have a great week!!!

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  1. I know Denver is on our tour for later in the fall. I’ve been thinking and thinking about crossfit, but have been too hesitant to actually try it out. We might have to check out this gym!

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