Rope Climb Domination

My Crossfit gym posts ‘tomorrow’s’ workout the night before so I always check their website right before I go to bed. Last night I saw the workout and said, “ohhhhhh, shit.” and my husband was like, “what happened??”, and I’m like dude, we have to do rope climbs tomorrow. He’s like, “well don’t go!”, and I said, “um, that’s not how it works”. So I got up out of bed, walked over to my workout outfit stacked and ready to go (I have to do this because I’m half-awake when getting dressed at 5am), picked up my booty shorts, put them back in the dresser and pulled out a pair of wunder-unders. If you’re new to Crossfit and have yet to try rope climbs I highly recommend covering your legs. Unless you enjoy rope burn. You can be trendy and cool wearing knee-high socks, sure. Go wild. Although, I haven’t jumped on that trend train yet. I’m waiting for a way to make it mine. As in, put my own stamp of flare on it somehow. Yes, I am a snob and I will not follow your trends, trendy trendersons!

I dreaded those damn rope climbs all morning. But guess what? The coaches at CFJ are awesome at explaining technique so I absolutely kicked ass at the damn rope climbs. And yet again I find myself making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Here is my friend Kate dominating the crap out of this rope. Trainer Matt supervises, sporting his sweet checkered Vans.
Yes we totally climb to the top of the rope! I felt like Tarzan. I kind of wanted to stay up there all day.

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  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Where’s the pic of you dominating the crap out of the rope? Come on we got to see pics of the rock climb, we want ripe pics! :)

  2. tiffanybluegirl23 says:


  3. oooooh geez… let me just say that I have yet to complete a successful rope climb! And yes the socks are completely necessary. Glad that you dominated the damn thing!

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