My Judgemental Dentist

Every time I go to the dentist I feel like she’s judging me for wearing glittery eyeliner. We’ve had this discussion before. I’m never going to grow out of it. I probably should grow out of it which is why I feel judged by my dentist. Does your dentist have weird bedside manner (that term always makes me feel like I’m making out with my doctors)? My dentist is awesome at dentistry but she scares me because every word that comes out of my mouth feels like I’m in 2nd grade and she’s all, “I only speak Harvard”. It’s really intimidating. But then I heard her say to her assistant, “I really love this James Taylor song”, and then I felt smarter than her for a mere moment.

Maybe I was feeling intimidated because I had to have a crown replaced. The anticipation of going to the dentist is always worse than the actual procedure. I listened to Madonna the entire time and wondered what my dentist thinks about my glittery eyeliner. Maybe she’s jealous of my glitter eyeliner.

Anyway. It appears that some of you relate to my Crossfit + Running post! I’m so glad we can talk about cult-ish things and not get weird. I get really weirded out by cult-followings, you guys. Maybe it’s because I wanted to rebel against all the Mormons when I was in high school. Who knows. But I cannot and will not ever subscribe to one way being ‘the way’. Except for Jesus. Just kidding although I love Jesus and Buddha and all the homeboys and goddesses. So you, yeah you, get out there and find what you love and just…do that! But please don’t drink soda. And eat lots of kale. The end.

I’ll leave you on a happy and inspiring note because this is forever burned in to my memory. A very smart, wise and respected man retired from my office today. Every single person in my office has a heart the size of Texas so I’m amazed and blessed, daily, by the stroke of luck that landed me in the presence of such incredible human beings. During his good-bye speech he said, “Learn from every person you encounter. From the entry-level secretaries to the seasoned chiefs, every person is your teacher. Learn from them. If you want to be a leader grow yourself. If you want to lead, grow others”. This man spoke to us like we were in church. I so badly wanted to stand up and give an ‘amen’ but I held back and instead cried my freaking eyes out. I’m a sensitive soul when it comes to change. I’m even more sensitive when it comes to important mentors moving on from my life. Maybe I can find out a way to turn him in to an iPhone app so his guidance will be with me forever and ever. Not at all creepy.
People first, work second. Thank you Mr. Jones.

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6 Responses to My Judgemental Dentist

  1. Megan says:

    That’s awesome! I just left my job and I think I gained more insight in all of my exit interviews than I had during my last year and a half, it’s funny when people get all wise. It’s nice to know there is soooo much more out there to learn, it’s never ending!!

  2. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    I think you should wear your Crossfit tank top to your next dental appointment. Then she will be intimidated by you! Or at least we will think she is because wearing your Crossfit shirts makes you bad-a!!! :)

  3. still rocking the glitter here too girl!

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