Crossfit and Running Got Married

Dinner in Cardiff by the Sea, CA. The best name for a city ever.

Somebody recently asked about how I incorporate running and Crossfit training together. It’s a marriage of two completely different sports, yes indeed! They probably fight a lot. Whenever I talk about running at Crossfit Jai people start to back away from me and pretend like they’re stretching. Some even resort to doing muscle-up attempts. They dislike running with a passion.

Here’s where my stubborn and annoyed streak comes in. I am not a fan of going all-out cult-ish with anything. The whole Paleo thing? Dude, I can barely say one syllable of the word without rolling my eyes. But wait a minute Joy, you are such a hypocrite because you’re totally vegan! Yeah, but I get just as annoyed with being vegan. I just happen to have more energy, a kick-ass immune and digestive system, and glowing radiant skin while acting annoyed. Wink, wink my paleo friends. I’ll write about being a vegan Crossfit chick in a future blog post. Spoiler alert: it involves me geeking out about plants. Again. P.S. I adopted a few more succulents today and my husband totally caught me. I feel like a drug addict hiding my addiction. Damn you, IKEA. Every knock at the door has me wondering if ‘Hoarders’ has finally found the crazy plant girl.

Back to my point (did I have one?): I do what feels great for my body and what makes me happy. I’m the type of person who loves a new physical challenge but I’m not about to start swimming or mountain biking. I find activities that light my fire. There’s a difference between a challenge that pushes your limits as you feel the love/hate thing going on, and a challenge that you hate so much you’d rather poke your eyes out because you’re bored to tears and could care less if you ever do it again.

I love running for a ton of reasons but my point is: I’m not giving up running just because I drank the Crossfit koolaid. Which, to be honest, is a bit tough because Crossfit can start to take over your life. My weekly workout schedule includes 2-3 days of running 6-7 miles at a time plus 3-4 Crossfit workouts. Occasionally I’ll squeeze in a power yoga class because I have the tightest hips in Colorado. I have a medal to prove it. And if TJ tells me to point my toes forward one.more.time. while I’m doing squats he’s going to kick me out of the gym.

When I’m training for a marathon I increase my mileage on the weekends and do long runs on Sundays. But recently a friend of mine sent me a training schedule that includes regular Crossfit WODs and ‘endurance’ Crossfit WODs to prepare for a half-marathon or marathon. In other words: NO LONG RUNS! I will do more research and report back. I hope it’s not too good to be true because 1) I really don’t enjoy the thought of poking my eyes out during long runs and 2) ice baths and I are not friends.

What’s your favorite workout? Anything new you’ve recently tried and loved or hated?

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18 Responses to Crossfit and Running Got Married

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Wait, Wait, Wait! WOD’s that are Crossfit endurance training for half’s and full’s that you don’t have to do long runs? OHHHHHHHHHHHH I may have to convert. Speak to me oh crazy Crossfit, running, succulent hoarding vegan lady. Ice baths are in my VERY near future and I’m not looking forward to them.

    Since my return to CA from CO I’ve been doing all of my training on the road. I was all treadmill training before. While I’m becoming a better runner because of this, still EVERY training run I want to poke my eyes out. You’ve seen my posts “I miss my treadmill”. I still get out there though because at the end of the run I feel good and I’m glad I did it. I still welcome any info you have though.

  2. Megan says:

    thank you thank you thank youuuuu. on of my best friend from hs opened a crossfit gym and any time he reads a blog post of mine about running its “dude you gotta do crossfit!!!” but dudeeeee i do a lot of crossfit work outs on my own, just dont have the money to join a gym, suck it. so i heart you for not being cultish and realizing that every one has a happy balance and it doesnt have to be the same as the next person!!

  3. cathyo says:

    Let me know how the no long runs go! Interesting concept for sure.

  4. 10n84w says:

    I think that drinking the kool-aid is often an important first step for getting people off of the couch and immersed in an activity for enough time to replace poor habits with healthier ones.

    Many times I find that the most fervent, rabid and at times hostile believers of any protocol are often the most recently “converted.”

    I admit that there are pros and cons to how deeply we dive into the rabbit hole with any exercise or diet theory. Using myself as an example, there are 2 certified CrossFit gyms here in Costa Rica that I know of. One is too far away to make any type of regular commute reasonable, and the other, while actually very close to where I maintain office space is priced out of my range and especially for its limited hours of CrossFit specific training. So I do the best I can in my home gym, replicating bodyweight WODS as well as deadlift/burpees, GRACE, etc. Could I push a lot harder and learn kipping pullups at the gym? Absolutely. But I would also have to give away so much of my other free time to make it happen.

    I am also one of those Paleo guys. ;-) But I describe it this way. I am 90% Paleo, 90% of the time. I’m experiencing all of the benefits you are with your vegan experiment, but doing so in a scientifically supported and environmentally sustainable manner. (wink, wink, that’s me making a “cult-like” joke.)

    You are right on the money about doing what makes you happy. If you are receiving the results that satisfy you, and can find a way to do that without sacrificing too many other aspects and interests in your life, that is a combination that lends itself to long term success.

  5. Oh my gosh! You share my dilemma with running vs. crossfit. And yes, I have let crossfit take over my life. My husband thinks I am nuts when he wakes up at 5:30 and I am already out the door. What has become of us? It is a bit addicting though, just the challenge, yes?
    P.S. just had my first ice bath and owww

  6. Kia says:

    I can’t wait to hear about the Crossfit endurance WOD. Life without long runs sounds awesome.

  7. Kelly says:

    I just found your blog, and I think you could be a kindred spirit…although I do love anything coated in swiss meringue buttercream, so that might be a point not in our favor ;) Anyway, your blog was a burst of fresh air in an otherwise monotonous day and I’m really glad I came upon it. I’d love to hear your take on nixxing the long runs in favor of Crossfit WODs. I haven’t done Crossfit before, but I do a lot of HIIT body-weight workouts that are 15-30 minutes long (and stinking from one back at my desk as I type!). I’m doing my tenth marathon this February and planning to run just 3 days/week (45-60 min. speed/track workout, 60-90 tempo run, and a long run). If I can get by without doing a weekly long run, though, I’d love to try it and see how it goes. I’m 38, and boy, are my joints feeling 12 years of distance running! Do you have any marathons coming up?

    • joyintheday says:

      Kelly! I’m so glad we found each other girl:) check out my post: CrossFit workouts for endurance athletes. Let me know what ya think. No marathons scheduled for me right now but your asking made me really want to sign up for one ASAP!! Have a great day!

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