Reunion Weekend in Cali

What just happened? Did I just transport back to 1996 for four days? Yes. Yes I did.

If you have close childhood friends I highly suggest spending time with them as often as possible. I realize the importance of this trip every year even though I question making the trip every year because I feel too busy.

I arrived in San Diego and the girls, all seven of them, pulled up Mormon-style in a huge suburban. The second I hopped in to that suburban the jokes began. The laughing began. The familiarity began. Then we went to IHOP and I watched them all chow down on pancakes and omelets while I ordered oatmeal. They still eat like they’re in high school. It’s awesome. But I held back all weekend and only lectured them about the harmful effects of drinking soda. I behaved. Minus wearing the Target jean shorts.

It was a weekend full of geeking-out on memories and spending time with some of the best people I’ll ever know. We played a lot of cheesy pop music. We danced non-stop to One Direction and Carly Rae Jepsen and it felt totally normal like this is what women in their 30′s do every day. I fought the urge to cut off all of my hair. It happens every trip. One of the girls in our group is an amazing hair stylist so we’ll sit around at night watching each other go through hair transformations. One day I’ll pull off the crazy short hair. One day. I’m absolutely chicken-shit and it drives everybody crazy because I spend the entire trip drooling over short hair pictures only to come home looking exactly the same. Wimp!!!

Dream hair

We stayed at an area in Oceanside, CA that some might describe as ‘ghetto’. I personally thought it was ghetto fabulous and had a very local vibe. The cute skater dude who worked at the bike rental shop asked why we were in town. We told him and then he asked, “Why Oceanside??” Apparently it’s weird that we chose to stay there for our vacation. We encountered numerous homeless people with great one-liners. My favorite was a homeless man yelling, “God is missing some angels in heaven because they’re RIGHT HERE!!!”, while pointing to our group. High-five to that guy. He probably sensed it was a Mormon group and kept it classy.

Oh and remember when I said there are 18 children between the 8 of us? I made that up. We counted last night. Twenty-effing-seven children. And I was totally right. One is preggo as we speak.

I taught them all about dry-brushing. What? You don’t know what that is? Get on the Googler, then! The second I mentioned “dry-brushing” and “reduces cellulite” we had to rush to the health food store to buy dry brushes. The cashier saw the long line of girls holding dry brushes and asked me, “So, what are you like their coach?” Yes, yes I am. I was drinking Kombucha and wearing my CrossFit shirt, too. High-five.

Dry-brushing queens

We cruised the shit out of Oceanside and Carlsbad. My husband just saw this picture and said, “Wait, you tied your bandana like Tupac??”

We texted and Instagramed constantly

My new hot pink TOMS. Everybody in Colorado is going to be soooooo jealous!!

Back to reality tomorrow. I’m kind of depressed. I want to live in California on the beach. I’m so jealous of people with beach houses. I’m putting that on my dream board like, right this second.

What a fun weekend! I love my girls. I’m a pretty dang lucky duck.

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6 Responses to Reunion Weekend in Cali

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    <3 it all!

  2. My old stomping grounds. Lived in Point Loma, then in Escondido. Hung out at O’side Harbor, my mom is still in O’side.

  3. hollybuzabbott says:

    We love our Joy time!!! Carry on I say, carry on!!

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