Watermelon Salad Saves

Wow. My Anxiety Train is full of you crazy people. I LOVE YOU for writing and sharing your personal anxiety stories. I’m totally going to come up with a secret handshake so we can feel like the popular crowd.

Thank you.

I woke up early to make the 5:30 a.m. WOD at Crossfit Jai and guess what? Today’s WOD was a timed 5k. Coach TJ was like, “Joy, you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time haven’t you?”, and I was like pshaw, NO because I’m really not that fast at running. I just look fast. Kind of like how my shoulders look like I could bust out 100 strict pull-ups (two. only two you guys). I just enjoy running, therefore, Crossfit people think I’m a) insane and b) good at running. I’ve noticed Crossfit people don’t like running longer than 400 meters. A little secret for you runners out there; you will absolutely crush any WOD that includes running. Just try to resist the urge to sprint. Trust me.

I’m mentally preparing to pack for San Diego tomorrow. Why packing feels like picking a favorite child, I’ll never know. My poor clothes that get left behind! I always wonder how celebrities pack for trips. Their closet is the size of a house! How do they choose? Or maybe they just buy clothes wherever they go. Now I’m feeling depressed. How can you predict what you’ll want to wear when you arrive at your destination? A-train peeps, I need you now. I went so far as to buy the Packing Pro app on my iPad. Hashtag dork.

Yesterday I said I was trying to focus on positive moments in my day as opposed to thoughts about buildings burning down. WELL, here’s an awesome positive moment!! My fabulous Hawaiian neighbor is the sweetest person in the world. Today she brought this amazing watermelon salad over sans feta for my vegan ass. How thoughtful is that!?

If only the cats would leave my side for .2 seconds I could take a damn photo without kittens staring at your face. But, here we are.

This salad was gone in .2 seconds.

All is right in the world today.

But now I just spent way too much time Facebook-stalking people and now I’m running out of time to pack. Shit.

More from San Diego with the Mormons coming soon!!

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7 Responses to Watermelon Salad Saves

  1. ichoosehealthyandfit says:

    I feel ya! I used to travel for work & would never be able to bring less than 2 suitcases for any trip (even the short 2 or 3 day trips). You never know what you want to wear! Plus packing running shoes & clothes, work clothes, going out after work clothes & then all the shoes to go with … it’s just too hard, so I’d bring them all! Haha

  2. Sophie33 says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,…a lovely watermelon salad , lovely presented too! Yum!

  3. sarahjunebug says:

    Oh wow, that looks/sounds good, and the kitties only add to the photo! SO CUTE!! At least they sat still long enough not to be blurry streaks. It’s hard to get my Noodle (pup) to actually show up in pictures.

    How’d the 5k go?

    I hate packing, too. I just accept the fact that I’m going to go way over-prepared. Because you’re exactly right, how can you know what you’ll need??? I usually end up with people who need x, y, and z… and I always have x, y ,z, and a, b, c… so it works. :-)

  4. Oh and speaking of my brother’s cat, he looks a bit like Lua (a siamese, but darker coloring compared to Lua).

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