High-Five Moments

I live in Denver and I’m a mental health professional. Things have been quite stressful in our state lately and my job has been rather demanding over the past few days. It’s nothing compared to what the victims are going through. But we’re all human and experience stress in different ways, especially when such a violent tragedy strikes.

Yesterday I decided to work out my nerves in Crossfit. I noticed my usual self-doubt-y voice was gone. I have more important things on my mind now. Self-doubt is stupid anyway. Let’s just toss that out the window, OK? Are you in? It feels better to give high-fives and celebrate small victories, anyway. High five! Coach TJ totally give me a high-five when I did two strict pull-ups. I was practicing my kipping pull-ups and he walked up to me and said, “have you ever done a strict pull-up?”, and I said, “no”. So he sat there and watched as I struggled to knock out two. He gave me a high-five and said, “There. You just did two”. I felt like crying. Hell yeah I just did two. High-five, arms!

I’d also like to give a high-five to self-care. My body completely shut down last night and decided to be all, “Hey Joy! I know you have a big day at work tomorrow but I’m going to give you food poisoning!” Very convenient, body. Very convenient. I can take a hint. Resting is not one of my strong points.

Oh and high-five to best friends and ice cream. Is there anything better?

High-five to crawling back in bed now.
High-five to you!

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  1. Hi there Joy, just found your blog, very nice! I see that you are a mental health professional. Good! Then maybe you can tell me why during yesterdays WOD when my Coach told me that I was done and that I’ve reached my threshold…I told him, NO! I was good,and I WILL finish this WOD! I MUST be nuts. lol


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