Five Awesome Podcasts

For the past couple of years I’ve been listening to podcasts while I run. Don’t get me wrong, Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson still fuel the occasional long haul. But I’ve been running and my ears get bored. My brain gets really bored. Did you know that iTunes has a bazillion free podcasts to choose from? It’s like having an entire library of fun, entertainment, and knowledge all at your fingertips! Look how smart and resourceful we are! Here are five of my favorites at the moment:

  1. WTF with Marc Maron. I just listened to his interview with Fiona Apple. That girl is crazy in every way and I LOVE IT. Marc is an amazing interviewer. He somehow gets people off track and the next thing you know they’re talking about colonics. Also check out his interview with Chelsea Handler. Chicks rule!
  2. The Wodcast Podcast. Oh, you Crossfit boys, you. They totally need to add a chick host on the show. It’s just so, DUDEified. But I still love this podcast for the inspiring guests and the disgusting dude humor. They offend me every time I listen but something keeps me coming back for more. It’s complicated.
  3. Joy the Baker podcast. Two girl bloggers talking about girl stuff. They’re real. awesome. I want to live in their world and eat donuts every day. And drink bourbon while having dance parties in laundromats. Oh, that’s a private joke. You should probably start listening to their show.
  4. The Jillian Michaels Show. Every time I play one of her episodes I feel the need to work out extra hard. All I have to do is hear her voice and think of her abs and I’m running 8 minute miles.
  5. The Nerdist podcast. If you do one thing today please listen to their opening theme song. If that doesn’t put you in a good mood then I’ll give you a dollar. Chris Hardwick’s humor is a-freakin-dorable and makes me belly laugh. Listen to the episode with Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman! *sigh* I wonder if he will ever know that a crazy girl named a succulent after him. I hope not. I enjoy my freedom.

What are your favorites?

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