Hello, I Love Plants and Flowers.

I spent way too much money on blush this weekend.

My mind is too scattered! Breaking Bad starts tonight! I can’t think straight. What did you do this weekend? Oh really? Because I totally went to the nursery and bought more plants and flowers too. Oh, wait, that’s not what you said? Well, I look like an idiot.

I drove by a house in my neighborhood today that had the most gorgeous flowers in their front yard. For a split second I thought about grabbing my iPhone to snap a picture and hope nobody would notice. But I was too chicken shit. So I went home and described the flowers to my neighbor. She was like, “Oh that sounds like snowballs. They flower in to big white balls”, and I said, “Yes, big balls!!” It’s a miracle I lasted another half hour talking to her without bursting in to laughter saying, “Did you hear what I just said!? Big balls!???” This is what it’s like to be my friend.

Naturally all of this flower talk sparked my addiction. I saw the nursery coupon book glaring at me from the dining room table. I stared back. It was a hot day and I was wearing my Crossfit tank top, so, why not get a tan while shopping for flowers and simultaneously look like a badass? I like to throw people off. Think nurseries are all about old ladies? Think again. I will arm wrestle you for that geranium, lady.

I walked around for two hours. How did that happen?

Lime mint in my green smoothies. Um, duh.

This little guy reminded me of Jesse Pinkman (from Breaking Bad) if Jesse Pinkman was a succulent. It was a no-brainer. I had no choice but to bring Jesse Pinkman home.

Orange mint too!? Well I certainly can’t live without orange mint, obvi.

I stood in front of this display way too long. I’m sure the guys watching the security cameras love when I come to shop. “Who takes 30 minutes to pick out a cactus??” I do, you guys. I do. It might as well be the cast of Magic Mike standing in front of me.

I’m off to make a pineapple mint smoothie and watch Breaking Bad. Jesse Pinkman is really excited too, he told me.

Did you keep up with the Crossfit Games this weekend??

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12 Responses to Hello, I Love Plants and Flowers.

  1. cathyo says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Breaking Bad. Watched the season premiere tonight too. Such a fantastic show.

  2. It always seems when I need a good laugh I log in and you’re shopping somewhere in a Crossfit shirt. Thank you!

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  4. Sophie33 says:

    I also am a big palnt & flower lover but my husband dosn’t care that much! A lovely post & so many bright pictures! :)

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