Where’s the Ocean?

I’m back in Denver and am already wandering around aimlessly looking for the ocean. I’m also wandering around wearing inappropriate clothing for Colorado. My brain isn’t ready to let go. My tan is too fabulous and bikinis + jean shorts are too comfortable. Colorado get with the program. Want to know what makes me miss Hawaii more? My neighbor is from Hawaii. So today when we pulled up at the house from the airport I got out of the car and walked directly over to her house. I did not go inside to greet my cats. I left my husband with the luggage. I was desperate to hear somebody say ‘Aloha’ so I talked to my neighbor for a half hour about Hawaii. I’m so effing nostalgic. Ever since I was a little girl saying ‘bye’ has been a huge fat sad deal so I’d play a made-up game and go around saying ‘bye’ to everything. Oh yeah and I still do this. How has this not come up in therapy yet? I like to make up games in my head. Like this morning at the LA airport I wore sunglasses indoors to see if people would try to figure out if I was a celebrity or not. Ok not really. I was so tired the light was hurting my eyes. But I do wonder if indoor sunglasses make you look mysterious and famous in LA. I’m sure my old Rainbow flip-flops did not tip the scale in my favor. Because it was totally just the flip-flops that said ‘fraud’.

Bye my favorite Buddha

Bye fancy Hilton workout room where I did handstand push-ups between those mirrors. And watched a lot of reality television.

Bye, Ocean.

Now that the half-marathon is over I wonder if I could do a full marathon. The half felt so great and I ran faster than the guy wearing the g-string speedo, so who knows. I’m pretty sure he’s a benchmark. I’m also disappointed that I did not see Marathon Mike. I wonder if his nipples were bleeding. Dammit, I should have checked the medical tent.

Tomorrow will be my first day back at Crossfit Jai since the vacation. I may hug everyone when I arrive. I told you I was a goodbye-phobe.

I need new goals!! I’m going to come up with my next plan. What is your favorite way to come up with goals? Do you vision board? Do you throw darts at a map to pick your next vacation spot? Do you throw confetti in the air, spin in circles, and then write the first thing that comes to mind? I would get really dizzy if I did that. I have horrible motion sickness. I wear those motion sickness bands on my wrist when I travel and it sort of feels like I had a suicide attempt. That’s not a laughing matter at all. I am a mental health professional. I’m just being honest. I digress. GOALS! Lemme hear your suggestions! I need inspiration pronto or else I may never take off this bikini.


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4 Responses to Where’s the Ocean?

  1. shannonjoe says:

    Here’s my inspiration-I don’t really know how I choose my goals! Sorry-I know that didn’t help. Glad you had a grand time in Hawaii. YES, I think you can do a full! :)


  2. anne says:

    Sounds like you need to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That movie is dripping in Hawaii-ness.

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