That’s So Sick

Is there anything funnier than one of these bad boys? I’d like to shake the hand of the person who came up with this idea.

Yesterday we went to my favorite Kona running store, Big Island Running Company, and I remembered, “oh yeah I’m running a half marathon this weekend”. The ocean makes me forget about everything. Including what day it is. We also stopped by one of our favorite clothing stores and the cutest little sales girl came up to me and said, “sick shoes”. First of all, she was adorable and the size of one of my legs. She had big blue eyes and long blonde hair. Tiny-ity-bity girls are fascinating. I always wonder what it’s like to live in a tiny body. I could have bicep-curled this girl. Second, the word ‘sick’ is back. Lastly, she was referring to my Vibrams. I thought she was just being nice and making conversation but she truly loved my pink Vibrams. Let me tell you my rule: I don’t wear Vibrams in public. I think they’re hideous and will only wear them while running very fast when nobody has a chance to see my feet. I’m seriously that fast. Wearing the Vibrams in public is only allowed in Hawaii because I’m on vacation and the locals don’t give a shi$. Or I don’t give a shi$. Dressing up here is not considered cool. I don’t wear makeup. I live in my bikini and jean shorts. It’s my version of heaven. Cutie pie sales girl’s compliment totally threw me off and I thought “shi$ don’t look at my feet!!” but instead I said, “thanks!”, and she said, “If I had those shoes I’d wear them all the time because they’re so sick“. Thank you tiny little cutie pie.

I’m off to do a training run! Wish me luck as I brave the humidity. Or curse me because I get to run by the ocean.

P.S. My friend Butterscotch says ‘Aloha’!!


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6 Responses to That’s So Sick

  1. loseitbig says:

    Good luck! I had to look up Vibrams. I tried some on, thinking I could use them to run on the beach but, the toe things aren’t my thing.

  2. Good luck. I’ll envy you the beach. :)

  3. Sophie33 says:

    Good luck witn the run! Butterscotch is a beauty!

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