Social Experiment

We made it to Hawaii and I just slept for 10 hours. I love blackout curtains. They make me feel like a vampire sleeping all day. I could never buy them for my house though. I’d turn in to a legit vampire.

I decided to do a social experiment on our way to Hawaii. I wore my Crossfit Jai gym t-shirt just to see if anybody would approach me, laugh at me, or tell me that I’m a badass. The latter did not happen. But two people came to talk to me about Crossfit! Well, three. My husband doesn’t count. He just commented that I wear a lot of Crossfit gear these days and wonders: if he wears the t-shirts will he build muscle? Anyway I was at Jamba Juice getting a wheatgrass shot and green vegetable smoothie (I know. Dork.) and this woman in line was like, “How long have you been doing Crossfit? My friend owns a box in California”. Except she called it a ‘gym’ not a ‘box’ and it took everything I had not to correct her verbiage. Then when I boarded the plane one of the flight attendants was like “OH! Crossfit! I’ve been wanting to try it and I live in Denver!” I told her she needs to come see us at CFJ. My silly little social experiment was a success. I talked two people in to trying Crossfit and forever changing their lives. Really, I’ll never know. Let’s just pretend I saved lives. Moral of the story: I’m ordering more shirts from my gym.

So we’re here and it’s amazing and I’m writing this little post to you from my hotel balcony staring at the ocean (well, I just did, now I’m looking at the screen, there I did it again….) and listening to the palm trees. You hate me right now.

This is our sixth trip to Kona. Every year I try to snag a picture of the guy who runs around the resort lighting the tiki torches. Every year I miss him. Except for THIS YEAR the best year ever!!! Gotcha buddy!!


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6 Responses to Social Experiment

  1. Katherine says:

    Love it! Have fun!!!

  2. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Like that you got the pic. Dislike the fact you’re there and I’m stuck in triple digit CA. Have a great trip!

  3. Sophie33 says:

    Aloha back to you! A great post!

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