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Have you seen the movie ‘Grease’? The T-Birds versus Scorpions? I watched that movie every day when I was in high school. My group of girlfriends thought we were the Pink Ladies. We tried very hard to find a group of dudes that resembled the T-Birds and then make them like us so life would be exactly like the movies because it could totally happen.

So it kind of is happening. I don’t get to be Sandy in the tight black hot pants or anything. Crossfit, I’m learning, has an underground high school mentality. Or at least it does in my world. I’m totally loyal to my gym Crossfit Jai and fellow Jai’ers. Anybody who works out at my gym is instantly one of my BFF’s because we’re in the same gym gang. The other day I was at Whole Foods and this badass girl had on a Crossfit gym t-shirt. I knew she was a Crossfit chick even before I saw her t-shirt. You can spot them a mile away. And she didn’t even have shoulders like mine. She was extremely muscular and looked like her jaw could pick up a car. So there I am in Whole Foods one hundred percent stalking her. I was like “oh! one of our kind! what tribe does she belong to??” She was at the meat counter (of course she was) so naturally I pretended like I was checking out the olive bar (I could care less about the olive bar). I caught a glimpse of what she was buying; coconut water. Ah ha! As if I needed more proof. She was wearing a hat and t-shirt with her (rival!!!) gym logo. “We need hats for our gym”, I thought, “And bumper stickers. And beer koozies”. She walked by. I gave her a smile and wondered if she sensed that I was a Crossfit chick too. I may or may not have gripped my grocery cart super tight so my bicep would flex. I sure showed her.

How do you like our new shirts? I just got it today and I’ve already worn it to Whole Foods. I’m pretty sure Whole Foods is the unspoken meeting place for all Crossfit peeps. We put on our gym t-shirts and spandex, stroll the aisles pretending to shop when really we’re checking each other out. And then we get in our fast cars and street race all the way home.

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14 Responses to Gym Turf

  1. anne says:

    this is hilarious!

  2. Haha! I just finished reading this aloud to Brandon because 1. it is hilarious and 2. we definitely also not only have serious Jai pride but scope out potential members of the fold from far away at WF too :)

  3. Dash says:

    Awesome tshirt!

  4. TJ says:

    cue “inhalation and hold”….stroll past fellow xfitter…cue “slightly larger than normal exhalation”…

  5. Sophie33 says:

    hahahahhahahha,;.You go, girl! :)

  6. notesonawire says:

    I haven’t found my gym gang yet, but I DO see you crossfitters ev-ry-where. Would looove to get me a glass-cutting jaw line. Think I’ll find it at WF? :)

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