Urgent Memo: Rehab Attire

Since I’ve been doing a lot of rehab for my running injury I recently came across an interesting sitch; what to wear to a doctor’s appointment.

My first appointment I arrived wearing a dress. What on earth? In my defense I thought I was only getting an adjustment. But still. That’s zero defense. Who wears a dress? There are way too many awkward positions happening during a chiro adjustment. I had to make shorts out of that skirt by pulling it through my crotch and holding on while she did ART on my legs (high class). The last few times I wore clothing that required me to put on the office-provided basketball shorts instead. I don’t even want to talk about those shorts. Why it took me three appointments to figure out the clothing situation I’ll never know. Last time I wore Lululemon wunder unders. Do you know why they’re called wunder unders?? Because they ARE your wunder unders!! I quickly remembered when I sat on the patient table that my doc was going to kinesiotape my leg that day. “Shit.” I thought. “That means these have to come off….and the shorts have to go on….and….well, #$^* there goes my unders”. All I could think of while she was taping my leg was “please don’t notice I’m full-on commando please don’t notice I’m full-on commando”. Then I was totally busted. The kinesiotape goes from my knee alllllll the way up my hip. I continued to pray she wouldn’t notice. I then prayed that she thought I had some crazy new underwear that is INVISIBLE! Oh my God. This is what happens to my brain when I’m in shock. I better never be in a truly dangerous situation.

Today I came prepared!! I wore my über flowy hippie pants and for reals underwear and I didn’t have to change. I swear she still thinks I belong to some crazy commando cult.

Remember when I talked about the Graston Technique? Here is my doc and my leg in action:

Don’t let that little knife fool you. It’s a beast of an instrument. I almost kept this photo in color but I didn’t want to scare you because my leg is extremely red and bruised. And kinesiotaped. It’s pretty badass.

I plan on running 11 miles this weekend! Maybe more if I continue to feel this good!! Go rehab!! Things are looking up. And I promise to stop scaring my doctor with my crazy laughing commando ways.

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8 Responses to Urgent Memo: Rehab Attire

  1. Good luck on your run this weekend!

  2. gillian says:

    Good luck on the long run and I hope rehab is going well! Recovering from an injury is SO frustrating.

  3. sarahjunebug says:

    Graston is the devil!!! Haha but sooo helpful. I’ve had it done for my IT-band and I seriously look as though I’ve been beaten afterwards. I hope your run was splended!

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