Farmers Market Season!

Every summer I promise myself that I’ll go to more farmers markets. And every year I maybe attend two. So when my friends invited me to join them at the farmers market tonight I was like, “this year is going to be different. everything is changing”, and I had that really dramatic soap opera stare on my face. And then the lightning crashed.

No really, it did.

But not before the kids had time to play!

The storm did not scare us away from the delicious organic treats!

My friend’s balcony. I told her I’m going to live here all summer. Look at this view!!

What do you love most about farmers markets? What is unique to the markets in your area? I want inspiration!

Go local!!!

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15 Responses to Farmers Market Season!

  1. cathyo says:

    There is an awesome farmers market in our town on Saturday mornings. I’ve lived here for 13 years and I think I’ve only been once! you’ve inspired me to get out to it this summer. Thx,

  2. JFT says:

    We have a plethora of Farmers Markets in Memphis! Several are open six days a week and little weekend ones pop up all over town. There are even two that call themselves a Farmers Market that are oriented to the international community we have here. As to how “locally grown” some of their fare is, well, let’s just say I have yet to stumble across the pineapple groves anywhere in this area.

    • JFT says:

      Oh, which isn’t to say I consider pineapples “international”, it just goes to the point of whether or not what they sell is “locally grown” which, to me, is the entire idea of a farmers market. I’m going to stop hijacking your blog now…

  3. Farmers markets rock…except, just like you, I’m someone who doesn’t go to them nearly as often as I’d like to. I even covered my local farmers markets in an article I wrote for my internship last summer, but haven’t been back since! Probably because the best farmers market near me is about 30 minutes away…womp womp.

  4. LOVE farmer’s markets. We also just signed up for a CSA share with Grant Family Farms which is located in Ft Collins but delivers to Denver (still pretty dang local if you as me)… So we are going to be getting a share of organic veggies, fruit, AND eggs delivered to a location in our neighborhood where we’ll go pick it up every week for the next 6 months! Pretty psyched.

  5. Goodness, those photos are simply stunning. As soon as I saw them, I knew they had to be somewhere in CO. I spent 5 years in Boulder and loved the weekend farmer’s market. We have a ton of small and large farmer’s markets here in Atlanta. I love the unique and local foods that I find there.

  6. Aimee says:

    I work in Chicago, so when the Daley Plaza Farmers’ Market starts up (around Mayish to Octoberish), I suddenly have somewhere BALLER to go for lunch. My fave? There’s a vendor that sells freshly made nut-butters. I got cashew butter last time and it was divine on toast with a little honey.

  7. Sophie33 says:

    We also have farmer’s market’s & normal market’s!! I love going to market’s & to organic market’s!!! :) Thanks for sharing!! ;) The skies are very threatening!

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