Burning Desires

The title of this post sounds like the name of a romantica book. Have you read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ yet? I have not. I was raised Catholic and from what I’ve heard about that book my Catholic-raised eyes would probably go up in flames. This is not at all where my post was supposed to go….

My weekend was full of catching up with great friends. I don’t do this nearly as much as I would like to. We should get paid to play and hang out with friends. Wait, I sort of already do that. But it got me thinking about how much I love talking to friends, connecting, and giving advice. Not in the annoying ‘unsolicited advice’ kind of way. Or maybe it is but I have awesome friends who don’t have the heart to say anything. I inherited this fabulous quality from my fantastic mother. I have vivid memories of when I was really young and neighbors would sit for hours at our house talking with my mother. I remember the scorching Arizona heat outside and us sitting in the overly air conditioned house inside. I would intermittently run outside and play and come inside sweating and covered in lawn. She was still listening. She could listen for 10 days straight, that woman. And she’s really listening. I don’t know anybody who listens as well as my mother listens.

All of this got me thinking about our life passion, calling, or whatever non-annoying term you want to call it. I love being a therapist and helping other people find happiness. I love having a lot of friends and love when they come to me for advice. I recently saw the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2012 and Flea’s acceptance speech completely floored me. Like, here I am all relaxed in front of my TV rockin’ out to the incredible live performances. Next thing I know I’m CRYING MY EYES OUT. The heart and soul he pours in to this speech jumped out of my television, grabbed my beating heart and made it jump rope. And then do 100 push-ups and 50 burpees. All I could think about while watching this was, “Holy shit. I want to feel this way about my life. I want to find things that make me feel like Flea when he plays with RHCP!!” (Minus wearing a sock on my penis. I might if I had one though). I’m going to go out on a limb and say he pretty much sums up the meaning of life in four minutes.

I mean. I just. can’t. get over how beautiful this speech is. Tell me what you think about when you watch this:

Now let’s go kick some ass!

Speaking of kicking ass I have an awesome running update. Stay tuned!

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