I’ll Figure It Out

Sometimes life is so incredibly cool I catch myself stopping, staring at myself in the mirror and thinking “is this really my life?” Actually, life is always incredibly cool if I would only stop to recognize this fact. It’s odd to live in my brain.

Today I couldn’t help but stop and smell the effing roses. Or whatever flower this is. Can you BELIEVE the iPhone takes such amazing pictures!? This little beauty lives in my front yard. I’ve had my eye on her. She’s just waiting to pop any day now. Preggo flower.

My day was full of stopping to appreciate the little things. On my way to Crossfit this morning I was jammin’ out to old school hip-hop, thanking Run DMC for being alive and talented. During Crossfit I was so grateful for my amazing coach Juli who kicked serious ass last weekend at Regionals. Holy inspiration station, that woman. When I got to work I sat in a chiefs meeting and felt happy that I get to be surrounded by such smart, caring, and dedicated people every day. I also sat in that meeting and counted the number of times people said, “Well, my understanding is…..” Isn’t that a great phrase? It’s such a nice way of saying, “Well, this is how I see it. I could be totally wrong and if I am this statement will save me from looking like an idiot” I dig it.

This is my life most days. Some days I chase my tail and wonder if I’m on the right path. That’s so silly, of course I am. But I still have that thought from time to time. I’m reading a book right now called ‘The Fire Starter Sessions‘ and in it she talks about the phrase “I don’t know”. For example, “What do I want to do with my life? I don’t know. I feel lost.” Instead she encourages you to say “I’ll figure it out”. I LOVE THIS!! Yes. I will. And so will you. No pressure. Have fun. That’s all we have to do. Tough job.

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6 Responses to I’ll Figure It Out

  1. Katherine says:

    The beautiful flower bud is a peony. I always think of my mom when I see them. We always had them in our yard :-)

  2. “I will figure it out” has changed the way I look at everything too. Awesome empowered-ness… you’ve watched her Credo for Making it Happen on you tube right? Ü

  3. this is a great post!

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