Magic and Fairy Dust

You know it’s a good weekend when at some point you’re covered in glitter. Saturday I spent a lovely afternoon with lovely friends at a Moondance Botanicals spa party. This mostly consisted of eating chocolate, drinking champagne spritzers and laughing a lot. And rubbing mud on our feet. What’s not to love. This little local gem is amazing and I wanted to put the employees in my pocket and carry them around. All of their products are hand-made and 100% natural. At the check-out counter there was a bowl full of glitter with a paint brush sticking out of it, “what is this?”, I ask. Cutie pie girl replies, “Oh that’s fairy dust”. Naturally.

Here we have a fairy door (where the fairies enter the store, duh), the fairy card I pulled (INNER POWER!!!), fairy cards, and um, maybe another plant I adopted. We’re not talking about that though.


Myriam and I high on fairy dust

Fairy hunting

Magical potions!!

I hope you had a magical weekend!!

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