I’m going to plan the weekend for you. Ok, maybe not your entire weekend but here are some things you should include in your weekend plans and activities. Sprinkles on the icing on the cupcake, if you will. I had quite the challenging week. It’s the little things that pull you off the ledge sometimes. You with me? When I’ve had a rough day I like to cruise the aisles at Whole Foods. I just walk and stare at all the pretty products. And the pretty people. I adore the seafood market workers, are they not the cutest? C’mon you guys in your orange get-up. So cute. See, I’ve forgotten about my bad week already!

I came home with Joy staples to prepare for a long run this weekend. Looking at this makes me happy. How did that chocolate get in there?? I suggest you go to WFM and find pretty things that make you happy and buy them and eat them. Magical powers await.

Vega Sport Gel, bananas, almond butter, Pro Bar, Chocolove

Kombucha is mandatory

And because it’s the weekend…this vino is inexpensive and rocks the house

and when you wake up from too much vino and merriment

Last but not least Scott and I heard this song today and can I just say THROWBACK??

There you have it. Your weekend enhancements just waiting to play!

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