Crossfit Gear : Fringe Sport

Posted on January 20, 2014

Whenever I’m having a tough time motivating to exercise I put on my best work out attire and grab my favorite work out gear. There is something about putting on the gear that gets me in the right mindset to work out. Let’s face it, pajamas are just a lazy lounge trap. If 10:00am hits and the PJ’s are still on you might as well queue up the Netflix for 8 hours of Glee.

Among the many fun and happy things about running a podcast are the great products we get to try! The awesome people at Fringe Sport recently sent me a jump rope, wrist wraps, and compression bands. I gave them a whirl and here’s what I think:

Atlas Power Wraps


My first pair of wrist wraps were the generic velcro-style wraps. They worked, but what I really love about Fringe wrist wraps is you can adjust them quickly during your WOD. If you need tight wraps for lifting and loose wraps for pullups you can quickly change the amount of wrist support all in one wrap! Sold.


OK, I realize people get very opinionated about jump ropes but I have to say this one is a winner. I used a different popular brand name jump rope before trying the One Fit Wonder speed rope by Fringe Sport. What’s the big deal? How are they any different? Let me tell you. I spent way too many WODs burning out my shoulders because the handles were too short on my other rope. This rope was a game-changer. I needed the bigger handles to help correct my form and now I feel like a double-under machine! Or, at least on my way there…..

Compression Wraps


Ever have a day where you’re super sore, feeling extra tight, or working through an injury? If you do Crossfit you probably answered YES. These wonderful little bands are like sports wraps on steroids. They are meant to only be worn for a short period of time (1-2 minutes max) but I tried them on a tight hamstring I’ve been struggling with. Huge difference in my range of motion and felt super safe, supported, and strong! Just like a good work out partner should feel! Fringe has a great informational article on their product page, too, so you can read about how to use them properly. Thanks, Fringe!!

Having the proper Crossfit equipment is key as you advance in your WODs. Check out all of the great products Fringe has to offer and if you try something let me know what you think!

Grab your fancy gear and get moving!!

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Fast Forward

Posted on December 25, 2013

I know. I broke up with my blog for a while. After team training I was thrown in to a whirlwind of becoming a dog mom, keeping up with my demanding day job, podcasting, and decorating my house for the holidays….which is not my strong point. I’ve never been the decorate-y type. What can I say, Pinterest is getting under my skin. I’m also obsessed with my “Dream Hair” Pinterest board. Now that I have super short hair I can’t stop exploring the short hair possibilities. If you ask me, short hair is SO much more interesting on women. Long hair is so…..everyone. Blah.

Let’s catch up. I now have an amazing CCI facility dog named JT. He’s beyond sweet, has the most soulful eyes, and loves dog beds. He’s a cuddlebug. I like to think JT stands for “Justin Timberlake”.

Holidays! They were fun and festive. I wore fur, rainbow jewel earrings, and red lipstick on New Years Eve. What else would you expect? New Year’s resolution? Think less. As in, don’t over think. I’m stopping right there.

Crossfit! Of course I still love Crossfit. Are you listening to the Girls Gone WOD podcast? Why not? Or, YAY YOU!! Claire and I continue to have a blast yapping our traps every week discussing squats and snatches. And of course, Mean Girl references.

JT and I on graduation day in November. He has that sweet look on his face pretty much always.


And here we are in a new year. New goals, dreams, life plans, and friends. I hope we keep crossing paths. Thank you for coming back to visit my blog. Cheers – J

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Welcome to Team Training!

Posted on October 29, 2013


I have big hair in California. Yay humidity!

I’m here! It’s finally happening!! Tomorrow morning when I wake up I will be ‘pre-matched’ with a dog! This means the trainers match everyone up with the dog they feel is most likely going to be “the one”. Things can always change throughout training so they call it the “pre-match” juuuuust in case things go awry. But let me tell you, the trainers are smart and they’ve been doing this for a long time. They are genius at matching dogs to people. I can’t wait to meet my pup!!

So far this experience has been a dream come true. I arrived Sunday afternoon and felt like a giddy child driving up to CCI Headquarters. I unpacked, drove around, got my nails done (California nail salons…THE BEST), went to Trader Joes (YES!), and had dinner with a friend on the beach. Monday morning was scary-nervous. I woke up way too early so I ran 6 miles. Running at sea level makes me feel like Wonder Woman!! That helped calm my nerves. Then the training began! It’s intense, humbling, and hilarious. My graduating class is a phenomenal group and they feel like family already.

Everything about this place feels magical and full of love.


The pond outside of my dorm room. I saw a huge heron hanging out here the first morning. I really hope the fish have a good hiding place…….

Have a great week everyone! I’ll keep you posted on mystery dog!!


Countdown To Dog Time

Posted on October 21, 2013


In exactly one week I will have finished my first day of CCI training. Can you believe it’s almost here?? Me neither.

In Denver there is a CCI community that gets together once a week to hang out with their awesome dogs. They’re the most amazing group of people I’ve ever met. And I know a lot of fantastic people. These folks give their time and energy every day to service dogs in training. And they love it. And they would do anything for me and they don’t really know me. How do I get so lucky?

Saturday night the Village (they call themselves the Village because “it takes one to raise a puppy”) threw me a CCI send-off party complete with presents for my dog!!! I almost lost my marbles crying in front of everyone. But that’s sort of expected and required of this group because they’re all big giant hugs walking around. Amazing. Big. Hugs.

This week is going to be a whirlwind of preparing to be gone from work for two weeks, leaving the husband for two weeks, and not CrossFitting for two weeks (whoa). I can’t remember the last time I’ve been away from my family for this long. What if I can’t find kombucha? Just kidding. It’s California. They probably sell it at the airport.

You can keep up with my CCI doggie adventures here on my blog. I’ll do my best to post updates throughout the training but I will keep my dog a secret until graduation day. That’s the rule according to the Village. Except for my husband because he gets to know everything. And he’s kind of special.

On another note – our podcast is still alive and well! If you haven’t had a chance to give us a listen you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and see what we’re all about. We’re loads of laughs and ridiculous antics. And some controversy. Phew….you’ll have to stalk our Facebook page to see what I’m referring to.

Here’s a WOD from last week! I love wallballs and double-unders!



Time For Creativity

Posted on October 14, 2013

I had the day off today and it made me realize it’s been too long since I gathered inspiration. Don’t get me wrong, I aim to find inspiration on a daily basis whether it be through music, the sunrise, or a badass workout. But gathering inspiration is an entirely different practice of mine. I’ll go sit at a coffee shop and journal while listening to music through headphones. I’ll read a great book with zero distractions. Or I’ll take my fancy camera out and about and make photos….the old school way.

But it’s been too long since I’ve done any of that. My creative tank was on empty. As my dad likes to say, “my Joy low-light is on”, which is his cute mechanic-way of saying, “I miss you, daughter”.

I once read a No Doubt interview where they discussed the reason why they went on tour in 2009 with no new material. They had started writing songs for their next album and were coming up short. It wasn’t going the way they wanted it to. They needed inspiration. So, they went on tour and got the juices flowing. It worked. They felt inspired. And they STILL packed venues touring with no new songs.

Creative inspiration feels amazing. I get the feeling when I’m flying on a plane, on top of the world. I get the feeling when I’m walking through an art museum among the creation of masters. I get the feeling in a fancy hotel lobby, people moving in and out of doors, off to explore, work, get married……life is buzzing. I love the buzz of people living life.

What fills your creative tank? What inspires you daily? Do you meditate? Read? Write? Pray? I’m making it a priority to bring back my creative practices on a daily basis.

A few pieces of inspiration. I invite you to share yours….

  1. Rachel Ryle stop-motion. Simply amazing. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with every day.
  2. Arcade Fire “Reflektor“. Wish I could open up their brains and see what’s happening in there.
  3. Banksy. It makes me want to watch Exit Through The Gift Shop all over again. Mind-blowing!
  4. Perks of Being a Wallflower Soundtrack. Scott and I just watched this movie. It made my heart hurt it was so good!


Okayyyyyy I’ll watch the trailer, AGAIN.


I spent the afternoon in a coffee shop. With headphones. Writing, dreaming, smiling at strangers. And listening to the buzz of life.

Oh, and I bought cupcakes from the fancy bakery on the way home.

Because if cupcakes don’t inspire you, I’m afraid you’re beyond help.

Go get inspired!!

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Competitions and Whereabouts

Posted on October 13, 2013



Me working through “Grace”. Yikes.

Who knew CrossFit competitions were so exhausting? I knew. But I did it anyway. Two weekends in a row. Phew! Let’s take a break, shall we?

If you’ve ever considered signing up for a CrossFit competition, DO IT! It has amped up my training significantly. And by that I mean I’m working a lot harder and faster through my WODs as well as working on mental toughness. Watching others compete gave me awesome perspective. Like visiting a new city; we get so used to our CrossFit gyms it’s important to see what is going on in a new zip code. Perspective is good! And, humbling. There are some incredible CrossFit women in our town. Like a girl who cleaned 195 pounds like it was nothing. I want to do that someday.



Have you checked out Rhonna Designs photo app yet? Photo creation possibilities galore! I’m pretty sure photo apps are the best invention ever.

Where else have I been? I’ve been working very hard at my day job and also podcasting. Yes, the podcasting world is taking over my blog time, but that’s OK. Life changes and evolves and I’m following my heart and passion. You can keep up with me on our Girls Gone WOD website, podcast on iTunes, instagram, and Facebook page. So many ways to stalk me!


 In case you need a girly fix (I did after a crazy week)….more nail strip love!!!


I often hesitate walking in to Sephora. There’s a lot of make-up, a lot of girls wearing heavy make-up, a lot of perfume scents flying around, and way too many things that need to go home with me for no other reason than to feel like a total indulgent girl. But I went in full force looking for nail strips and found the new Sephora line: ASAP 3D! Huge fan. And, I totally saw Gwen Stefani wearing these in the “Settle Down” video. Who doesn’t want to have nails, or abs, like Gwen.

I leave for Oceanside, CA in two weeks for CCI training!! Hopefully I’ll have time to blog about the process of getting a therapy dog.  My life is about to change forever AND I CAN’T WAIT!

Happy October! Happy fall! Happy. Joy.




From Vegan to Paleo

Posted on October 2, 2013

I’ve mentioned it a teeny bit on the blog. I’ve mentioned it a teeny bit on the podcast. I’m finally ready to talk about it.

I recently made a big diet switch from vegan to paleo. It all started when my vegan guru, Kristen Suzanne, wrote a blog post about switching from vegan to paleo. Utter confusion filled my eyeballs and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. How dare she leave me alone like this? YOU were the reason I went vegan, you mean, mean lady! I turned off my computer and avoided her blog for weeks. For sure this was a mistake. Certainly I stumbled across a crazy paleo blog ranting about vegetarians and vegans again. Nope, it was Kristen Suzanne. I wanted to burn her cookbooks. Then I remembered that I’m a nice person, and so is she, and that my anger was definitely displaced.

I started thinking about why I became vegan and why I was holding on to this lifestyle. I began my vegan journey in 2008 for a whole host of reasons. It was time to re-evaluate those reasons. Then I listened to Kristen’s interview on the Bulletproof Executive podcast during a long run and the deal was sealed. I wanted to jump on the paleo train. I walked in the door, immediately announced the news to my husband, and we went out for pizza and beer. Pizza with meat on it.

There was a side of me that didn’t want to talk about this switch. I’m constantly surrounded by paleo people, so, admitting this news made me feel like they were all judgey-pants thinking, “finally…we were wondering when you would stop that stupid vegan thing”. And maybe some of them were thinking that very thought. But who cares. What bothered me is it felt like I had it wrong. But I didn’t have it wrong and they don’t have it right. I was simply eating one way and decided to eat a different way. And so were they. Why was I making this so dramatic?? Because crossfit people are CRAZY. I know. I’m one of them. Which made me feel like I had to hold on to my vegan badge even more…proving that…I was right? Aren’t we all really just trying to be as healthy as we can possibly be? Yes. So, I dropped my ego and dove right in. I also used veganism as a way to distance myself from the world which we could spend hours dissecting that psychological nugget. But I’ll leave you with this: the paleo diet made me feel like my world exponentially expanded. I had options. I was no longer the outcast. As dumb as it sounds….I felt included.

It still bothers me to hear people make fun of vegans or vegetarians. I’ve seen way too many comments and posts on FB (especially in the paleo world) about bashing the veg lifestyle and I have to say, it touches a major nerve. I will always be protective of vegans. Folks who’ve never taken on that lifestyle have no effing clue what they’re talking about, so, be nice you guys.

The big question a lot of people want to know is, “how do you feel??” I honestly don’t feel a huge difference. But get this….my Crossfit gym recently did a 30-Day Paleo challenge including a pre and post body fat test. After 30 days of eating paleo I gained 7 pounds of muscle and dropped 3% body fat! WHAT? Is that even possible? Apparently my body responds well to a higher protein intake. Holy. Crap.

If you’re considering doing a body fat test I highly recommend it!! If I didn’t know my resting metabolic rate I’d have never known I need to eat like a monster to feed my body. Hence, the major change.

There you have it. My vegan-to-paleo story. I still love my Vega Sport products. I still love my vegan peeps and vegan blogs. I’ve simply opened my world to a new way of eating. It’s working, I feel good, and I am happier than ever.


Girls Gone Rx Competition

Posted on September 30, 2013



Well, we did it!!! Team Girls Gone WOD raised over $1600 for Barbells For Boobs which put us in the #1 spot for fundraising at this enormous, amazing event!

It was a spectacular Colorado day, perfect for an indoor/outdoor competition. There was a lot of sweat, a lot of fabulous costumes, and a LOT of pink. Our team placed 57th out of 91 teams. Not bad considering there were a ton of badass women in this competition!!

 Beth, Me, Claire: Team GGW!


Phew! One down, one to go. Next weekend is the Benchmark Brawl and I’m already tired thinking about it…….

More to come on this weekend’s competition, next weekend’s competition, AND the final results of my body fat test. I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE RESULTS. Let’s just say switching from vegan to paleo drastically changed my body in 30 days. HOLY SMOKES! I’m leaving you in suspense……don’t hate me.

Have a great day!!! Happy Monday!


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WOD Breakdowns and Self-Discoveries

Posted on September 24, 2013


Photo pre-Holleyman WOD. We (Brandon = Claire’s fiance!) look rough and ready.


Post-Hollyman WOD. A shit show on the floor.

{Hey you, that person who is posting on Facebook about how Crossfit is dangerous, stop that. Because I know you’ve never done a WOD in your life. AND I know you probably don’t work out much. Like, ever. So, it makes me want to pick you up and carry you during my next WOD. How about sticking to this rule of thumb: only post things that are nice and helpful and positive}

Facebook is my daily practice of self-restraint.

Today’s WOD was brutal and mean and I loved every minute of it: HOLLEYMAN. I lost my marbles again. It was the worst marble-losing-scenario I’ve yet to experience in Crossfit. A big day for me. At the end of the WOD I walked out of the gym, laid on the concrete outside, covered my face with my sweaty t-shirt…..and SOBBED. Like, full-on body-shaking, can’t-catch-my-breath sobs. To avoid freaking out my fellow-Crossfitters I tried to quickly pull myself together. I walked back inside, went to the bathroom and splashed water on my face until the tears stopped coming.

There will always be those who do Crossfit for the physical challenge alone: you walk in and out of the box with a smile knowing you worked hard. But there are those of you who, like me, do Crossfit because it is a constant reveal of who we are, where we’ve been, and where we want to go. Tonight, just when I thought I was completely done and ready to give up, I found another side of myself. A side of me I never thought really existed: the girl who really knows she can accomplish anything she wants. And believes it. The girl who is sick of hearing (from herself), “you can’t do this, you’re not good enough….limit limit limit”. The girl who is ready to commit to this life here and now. All in. One-hundred-percent IN. The girl who shows up, authentic and real, flawed and imperfect and totally proud.

I climbed over a serious mental block tonight. From now on I’ll always have this WOD to think about whenever I’m feeling self-doubt creep in. The moment when I honestly thought there was NO way I could do one.more.effing.hand-stand-push-up….there it was. I finished everything I wanted to do. There might be something to this whole, “you can do anything you set your mind to”, business. There might be something to believing in ourselves, quieting the inner-critic and saying nice things inside those brains of ours.

Thank God I belong to a small gym where everybody understands the YOU that makes you, YOU. In other words…..sorry you guys had to see my meltdown. But I don’t have to explain a word because you know me. And, it’s cool. High-five for the cryer.

High-five to the fellow-Crossfitters who find beauty in the breakdown and lessons from the tough physical challenges. We are the ones who bring the spirit to Crossfit.


What’s Going On

Posted on September 22, 2013


Have you read the article about what your selfie says about you? Well, you should read it. And take note, all of you selfie-offenders. I’m over the selfie. STOP IT. Myself included. Just. stop. doing that uncomfortable thing. Or should we just embrace the selfie? I’m conflicted about it. My introvert is horrified. My extrovert is all ego. Maybe we need to make our selfies more creative and not so “I’m sitting in my car at a stoplight and WOW this lighting really makes me look amazing AND I’ll throw a filter on this bad boy so….SELFIE TIME”. No seatbelts allowed in your selfie, please. I want to question whether or not it’s a selfie photo when I’m looking at it. Do you understand what I’m saying here? Good talk.

Moving on. The days are flying by and somehow it’s the end of September. My birthday is a distant memory and before I know it I’ll be packing my bags for California to attend CCI training. I’m this close to making a calendar and crossing every day off with a big red “X”.

It’s officially fall and ever since I moved to Denver I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the air of this season. Warmer clothes! Extra blankets at night! Hoodies! Leg warmers!! OMG LEG WARMERS. I stalk the Target aisles every other day looking for them. Any day now…..ANY day now!!!

There is so much to look forward to this fall: next weekend’s Crossfit competition, CCI training, Halloween (at CCI training!), Thanksgiving, the leaves falling, snow falling, leg warmers during WODs, sleeping in, feeling OK about watching an entire season of Gossip Girl because it’s too cold outside to do anything, and of course the holiday season in general. Before we know it we’ll be thinking about New Years Resolutions. Holy crap I’m not ready. Let’s slow down, paint our nails and just embrace that it’s still September. Still warm enough to wear a tank top. I’m afraid of trying on my fall wardrobe because who knows how big these shoulders have become since last fall/winter. Whoa.

Fall, you guys. Here we go. The remainder of 2013 is in front of us, asking us to bring our best for the rest of this year. What will it bring for you??


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